Zhangjiajie 5 valley countryside for vacation

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5 the valley

Peak foundation,Hill and valley,Rural land,Detached world。

At the end of this mountain and the forest

Straightforward original natural beauty

With the perfect combination of luxury design

Outlook on exotic tree house valley and egrets

Or in the fairy tale hut tujia people drink the tea fragrant?

No matter which room,Can enjoy the comfortable and luxurious interior,In the invincibility of mountain scenery,

And private custom butler service。

Every employee of the valley with a warm and friendly smile

Don't be shy shy,Pour out your story with them

They came from nearby villages,Also have a bunch of stories to tell about you。

Fresh healthy organic vegetables and meat Seven star hotel in same mattresses

We offer the best only to family members

  • Canyon dinner

  • Endless pool

  • The valley afternoon tea

  • Valley desserts

  • Confidential nature

White clouds in the depth of the village——5 the valley




Zhangjiajie in hunan province reaches 5 in the valley

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